A monochromatic palate, the beauty in all shades of black and grays, the dusty mystery of no color, of muted tones. Black is protection, sophistication, freedom, strength, attentiveness to simplicity. The glamorous aspect of dark, the noble, the elegant, not necessarily the wound of dark, yet that too is bound by the other. The masculine and feminine, a genderless silhouette. Each piece a canvas. Each piece created by hand, one at a time.

Inspiration comes from silence, from observing the architecture of the mind. Inspired by opposites and compliments, the hard and the soft, closeness and distance, what can be heard and what is silence. The sacred, rarity and refinement, the spectrum of the corridor of the senses and all sensibilities. The process of space, its limits, boundaries, resistance, the geometry within. The idea of the industrial and natural finding themselves. To deteriorate and unearth fibers, to decay, to sow new growth, layers and minimalism.The idea of uniform, reversible, eccentricity, the intrigue of individuality.

The Object, the Accessory originates from a sculpture, a process of air, fire, water, wood, metal translated to be worn.